Engine Repair

We handle everything from hose and belt replacement to complete engine rebuilds.

Wheel Alignment

Brakes, steering, custom rims and tires. Make your Benz look and ride the way you like.

Fluid Exchanges

Keep your car running effeciently and reliably with scheduled maintenance

NASTF Certified Smart Key / Lock / Ignition Service

The National Automotive Service Task Force has certified Precision Mercedes as "Vehicle Service Professionals" (VSPs) for inclusion in the NASTF Locksmith Identification (LSID) database, certifying us as qualified and authorized to perform the same services as the dealerships.

Auto Security has come a long way in a short time. If you have a newer car, you've got a key fob with a complex locking mechanism. If you have problems with your locks or ignition, it can result in an expensive tow to a dealer, perhaps in a different county. Precision Mercedes is now certified to perform these tasks as well.

Smart Keys and Security

Smart Keys are very convient and secure. A car owner merely keeps the key on his or her person and can walk up to the locked car, open it, start it, and drive it away without touching the key at all. This 'simple' system is actually quite complex and isn't something just any shop can be trusted repair when it has problems.

Changing Your Locks or Repairing a Defective Unit

Maybe you want to change your car's locks, or perhaps your Smart Key is defective. We use electronics from your car's manufacturer to address the problem. When you leave our shop, you can be confident that your car is secure and the ignition and locks won't give you any more headaches.

Becoming certified to work on these high tech ignition systems doesn't only require extensive mechanical training, but also completion of a thorough FBI background check and continuous future monitoring by The National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Crime Information Center.

Acura: Keyless Access System
Hyundai: Proximity Key
Nissan: Nissan Intelligent Key
Audi: Advanced Key
Infiniti: Infiniti Intelligent Key
Porsche: Porsche Entry & Drive System
Aston Martin: Keyless Entry & Push Button Start
Jaguar Cars: Smart Key System
Proton: Passive Keyless Entry
BMW: Comfort Access
Kia Motors: Smart Key System
Renault: Hands Free Keycard
Bugatti: Keyless Entry Remote
Lexus: Smart Access System
Ssang Yong: Smart Key System
Cadillac: Adaptive Remote Start & Keyless Access
Lincoln: Intelligent Access System
Subaru: Keyless Smart Entry w/ Push-Button Start
Chrysler Group: Keyless Enter-N-Go
Mazda: Advanced Keyless Entry & Start
Suzuki: SmartPass Keyless entry & starting
Ford: Intelligent Access w/ push-button start
Mercedes-Benz: Keyless Go / SmartKeys
Toyota: Smart Key System
General Motors: Passive Entry & Start (PEPS)
Mini: Comfort Access
Volkswagen: Keyless Entry & Start (KESSY)
Honda: Smart Entry System
Mitsubishi Motors: FAST Key System
Volvo: Personal Car Communicator "PCC"

Any Make / Model of Car

We are certified to fix or replace ignitions, locks, and key fobs for any make of car. YES for Mercedes Benz, but also YES for any car. Our training and certification is all-inclusive.

Original (OEM) Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts from your car's manufacturer that are guarenteed to work without problems

As you're aware, the replacement key fobs for your car can't be purchased just anywhere. If you've lost yours or it's become damaged in some way, we are authorized to order you a new one and our prices are less than the dealerships. If you need to change the locks or the ignition switch in your car for whatever reason, we can do that also. Please make an appointment for a consultation and a quote.